Impact of Robots on Homo-sapiens (humans)

By Responsive DAD     |

“Robots, robots everywhere”,

Will it be that or are we heading into a robot-human collaborative society (living as peacefully as now)

As you can imagine every human work is being mechanised or replaced by very intelligent robots, what impacts can this have to our society?

The term “robot” was first coined by Czech playwright Karel Capek in 1921, although the concept of a man-made automaton had been explored by writers and inventors much earlier than that. Robots have been used in the assembly lines, manufacturing, AI aided services, critical and lethal endeavours & missions. So we can see humans more in a supervising role and give commands to a working robot nation. We can make take educated guesses like the following as human subsides from a working role to a commanding role:

Lazy and lazier:
This is a no brainer the society may be in fast progress with the help of robots, but you can almost see people being lazier than ever. Lazy as in lazy people on board axiom in the animation movie WALL-E. When humans are being pampered and robots taking on the hard work you can see a rise in portions for humans and robots serving them loyally or not (see other guesses).

More time for humanity at their disposal(job creation is beyond any doubt)
As humans have a supportive robot generation, they may find more time to spend figuring out meaning of life, cures for deadly diseases and genetics. Maybe develop more sophisticated technology and better robots to aid them. But much to our dismay, we will have to see a generation that basks at the success of a minority as we are more accustomed to that. Many people fail to realize that robots are actually creating new, high-paying jobs that require skilled workers. While it is true that robots are replacing low-skilled workers and automating the tasks that they perform, robots and automation are requiring jobs that focus workers on higher-value work.

Faster everything
As we now see the AI is getting smarter and outwitting human thinking and solution finding. This will help humans and robots build a society that can proportionally communicate, work and build faster. This will bring exponential growth and resources towards exploring mysteries of the universe.

Rewriting many human values and laws:
This is a very essential part of society growth. We will find laws in every field of life being altered to include humans, robots and bionics in the society. Many assumptions and finding that humans have will have to be rewritten altered and destroyed. This will be either a cultural shock or aid in a harmonious living with our mechanical friends.

A war between robots and humans:
A scenario in which robots create robots has long intrigued science fiction writers, in which high-tech robots are typically depicted as destroying and enslaving humanity. This is the essential premise of both the “Matrix” and “Terminator” film series. This is not as true as imaginations portrays them, humans being a bit smatter and may cover up their backs by writing core integrated laws that robots can’t break (courtesy to the film “I, Robot”). Will robots outsmart the humans, we will have to see that in the long run.

Lack of Emotions or Conscience:

We can see this clear change with the immersion of people in social media for longer durations, maybe we can see people more obsessed with themselves and trying to be less than a society. An introvert culture will be steadily building at robot being faster, smaller and more able than humans.


Whatever the future holds, humans are not dumb enough to give reins of total administration to the robots. And we won’t go down without a fight. So robot armies or friendly companions we can see bright future of robots and humans playing their part in our future societies.

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