Real Time Everything

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This is generation now, we need everything as quick as possible & as fast as possible. So what has technology to offer for this generation?
We will be looking at some real time technology that serve generation now.

Live Streaming
Let’s start with the simplest and most common form of real time media. Many social media has a live feature like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope (owned by Twitter) etc. live streams has become a day to day activity and there is nothing new about it. Newer features like multi-user live, augmented reality live, multi posting, insights etc. has made live streams more interactive and fun to a large extend. Being “in the moment” is the best thing about live streaming; unpredictability and inter-activeness with the viewers are key live streaming pillars.

Real time Debug Programs
As you code, make moves, or shoot bullets micro drivers, artificial intelligence or an aiding mechanism creates the best possible outcome for the situation. There are self-guiding bullets and missiles that are being tweaked at every test to get out performing results. There are self-driving cars and systems that help drivers & pilots stay focused on live situation of the ride. Technology that are involved with these scenarios are getting smarter and smaller as time moves forward.

Real Time Commerce, Offer, Customer Care
Commerce was slower as statistical information had to be logged passed through government agencies and procedures and brought to nodes for availability and usage. Nowadays this information sharing has been made very public and usable, leading to real time trade and information. Every accessing node can assess the current situation and availability of goods and services. This is very helpful for the restaurants, cinema, news, aided predictions etc. as this services and media require very live information, Customer can be served up to data on the basis of the live data. Similarly the offers can be provided based on the geological location and availability of services. Customer care can be also made streamlined by providing user up-to-date services and logged data. Systems are developed so as to assist free flow of this information to all accessing clients.

A collaborative editor is a form of collaborative software application that allows several people to edit a computer file using different computers, a practice called collaborative editing. There are two types of collaborative editing: real-time and non-real-time. In real-time collaborative editing (RTCE), users can edit the same file simultaneously. Collaborative real-time editors generally permit both the above modes of editing in any given instance. By doing so fast prototyping of products can be done. This increases productivity. Some common collaboration mediums include Google drive and Google docs. Other form of collaboration is done in coding; the files and folders are coordinated and logged for fast development. The common software here is git an open source medium for collaborating coding works.

Real time Augmented Reality
We see cutting edge technology, as scenes of a series called “ADAM” are animated in real time by rendering character textures onto green screen actors by unity engine a pioneer in 3D games and applications. This is what augmented reality is capable now.Augmented Reality is the hybrid of real world and virtual reality objects, where the system generated graphical objects are mixed into the real world. AR will create the illusion that virtual and computer-generated objects are existing in the real world. It is completely graphical experience that is united with real world circumstances. Augmented reality can relay in live videos, augmented real time information like a pilot HUD.

As we see above real time technology is really catering the now generation’s needs. The technology that has been developed is still not available for the masses and many are in their beta phases and testing. We are sure to be outrun by updating technology in the long run as we can see above.

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