Web-design trends that will be hyping in 2018

By Responsive DAD     |

The design trends in 2017 will be evolving into the trends that we are going to see in 2018, let’s look what creative heads are kicking off in the new trends in 2018.

Mobile first
We have seen this coming since 2015’s, the trend of setting up websites that will be viewed in smaller screen size majorly was being effectively developed for all the clients that will be on the move or using a small screen portable devise to view websites and services.
This movement will be optimizing the sites to better work on mobiles and give a hand held browser feel to websites, nonetheless it will provide better typo and spacing for the websites. Why this works is that mobile devises are the most used devise to access websites and services than larger screen devices, and more variety of small screens are available. If the responsive view of the website works on smaller devices, they will be very effective in delivering the content to users; even on larger screens. To put sum it all up mobile first sites are most easy to read through, interact and minimalized to show perfectly on accessing devices.


Interactive content
Have you ever hovered on a content or tried to close the tab you are looking at, when suddenly a pop up or offer comes on screen. This is an intuitive way of increasing converts and selling services. This is some crude technique in an interactive website to influence users. Surveys, polls, calculated ads, scrolling triggered content, custom calculators, Lazy loading etc. are some other interactive ways to engage the audience. Content that requires the participants’ active engagement, more than simply reading or watching. In return for that engagement, participants receive real-time, hyper-relevant results they care about. It’s all about giving a tailored on unique experience to the users using visual content.

Big, Bold and Beautiful typography
Typography has gone from merely legible and neat to large beautiful and eye-catching. We have followed the trend from the time of using of full page backgrounds. It’s been picking up speed the latter year and will be following through in the coming. The content that needs to say something upfront and delivered to the clients are bolded and styled in a typo that is both welcoming and very snappy. This makes sure the client understands the statement and enjoys his surfing on the page. It’s like a one liner comeback in a convo, except the line is very soothing to your eyes.

Custom Illustrations, Bright Colours, Colour schemes, Particle backgrounds, Dynamic gradients and subtle animations
Customised animations, colours, animations and creative drawing are power packed into websites. They bring up the words dedication, vibrancy and creativity into our minds. They have been cases when caricature of entire team being placed on their website as animation. The trend will get more wind as there many social media apps and software’s that generate 3d structures of objects and people for their convenient usage. Animations even miniature ones using gifs or generated ones will entertain the users as they move through the website.
Websites with generating animations as background is still trending as random or unique pictures screens bring awe to users. Using geometric shapes and colour schemes in designs is also a part of this trend.

Asymmetrical Grid layouts
Asymmetrical or masonry grids have been trend through the usage of responsive websites and they are good at loading various contents in the responsive scale to the website. They can be easily loaded onto all screens as responsive is an active functionality of these grids.

Unique Pictures and Graphics
As said in the earlier point having a unique statement to say to your clients is a big breakthrough to their trust and appeal. Having a custom design, colour scheme & step and repeat are all that keep this trend alive. Using a product having a brand logo gives the product identity and foundation, websites not differing in this scheme.

Let’s look forward to newer trend setters and creativity being played out on websites and products. As the wise say “necessity is mother of creation”.

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